Project Overview

Engineer and Architect Luís Pinto Leal, owner of LP Leal Arquitectura, Engenharia e Projetos hired us to redesign his company’s logo to make it more refined and modern. We also created a new website so that LP Leal can promote its services and projects and have a simple way for clients to contact them. In addition, we created all the necessary corporate identity items, such as business cards, document folders, letterhead, envelopes, among others.

The main task was to redesign the company’s logo, keeping the general idea of the existing logo but making it more modern and refined. As part of the project, we created a new website to highlight the company’s services, showcase the latest projects and allow a quick and easy way for clients to get in touch and ask for more information. In addition, we created all the corporate identity items and stationary to reinforce the company’s presence.

Developed Area