Project Overview

To renew its image and have a solid presence on the Internet, the car dealership J. Gago contacted us to renew its logo for one that is modern and different from other stands. They were also asked to develop a website optimized for the management of a car dealership.

The main goal was to develop a modern web platform, specially optimized for the management of a car dealership, with customized backoffice that would allow them to publish all their available vehicles for sale and insert all the necessary information in a very easy and intuitive way. It was also created a unique, modern and memorable brand that strengthens the image and positioning of the J. Gago stand.

The end result is an intuitive, fast, fully responsive and easy to navigate website, with a dynamic search engine that allows you to perform quick searches and filter the results. We also created several contact forms and optimized the website to perform optimally in search engines and promote new contact requests and increase enquiries and sales.

Developed Areas